Monday, 7 July 2014

Teen free Monday (almost)

The house is now relatively free of teens, with the two oldest away.  The first thing my girls at home got to do was go to sleep late last night! Then today they got spoilt by my parents who to them to a dairy farm in Irene. 
Irene is just between Johannesburg and Pretoria.
According to its website it was started 1895, and has been run the whole time by the van der Byl family from then until now.
My girls had a wonderful time both being fascinated and disgusted (the cows poo while they walk!)
Tomorrow they are going to spend some time with Angie making jewellery from old beads she has lying around.

My youngest daughter has a project to do for school during the holidays called a treasure box, one of the things she must put it the treasure box is an interview from someone older, at least the first two interviewed my mom about the "olden"days, but she wants to interview me! It fascinates her that I only had TV from 1976 (we got it late in South Africa) and the fact that I was an adult before cell phones came out blows her mind. She wants to know how we knew where people were?
As usual it was another busy day at work, we heard that the government hospitals have also had to close their Emergency Departments as they have run out of space, there are just too many people with pneumonia at present. It is a worry that so many people are that sick that they need to be admitted, what will happen if a real Infuenza hit the world? There are not enough beds in any country to contain that amount of people and certainly not enough nursing staff or doctors.
The best way we can prevent this is by remembering to wash our hands properly with soap and water, regularly.

Stay healthy everyone.

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