Sunday, 20 July 2014

Shock and Horror I'm a Hoarder also!

I wanted to make some new jewelry today as I have a lot of beads in my workroom. I know my workroom is messy and I have let it slide for a while, but today I couldn't get to the beads I wanted and could only find the cord I didn't want.  So I enlisted the help of my husband and started cleaning up, I didn't actually realize how bad it had gotten till my husband disappeared after an hour to go lie down.
I discovered I am a hoarder!!!! Not as bad as some but as I have only been collecting beads for the last 3 years, and certain people who know who they are still have unopened magazines more than 5 years old and receipts and invoices at least 20 years old, oh and recently found car service invoice for a car that was sold 22 years ago, It is time for a yard sale or as we call it in South Africa a Jumble sale. Money for advertising!
I promise not to go bead shopping again until I have used at least 90% of my existing stock! Unless of course it is for a custom order, then all bets are off. Although I think I will leave the wallet at home.

Here is my collection of intact strings of Swarovsky element glass beads
There is still a glass coffee jar about a quarter full with loose beads. There are about six strands of pink and 5 of red and blue and green and clear and black and silver and and and........

I still have to sort the round crystals and the agate and the glass and the lamp work and the spacers and the ...maybe I should stop I am exhausting myself!

I also think I need to learn the correct names of all the beads I have as when I put up a listing it is easy to infringe on copyright names. I don't know if any other beading hobbyists have the same issue.

The first is my Swarovsky Crystal tag are actually Swarovsky elements, which explains why I can afford them.
The second are these Czech glass beads which I have always called trinket beads because I wasn't sure what else to call them

The third thing I learned is that there are too many choices and it is a good thing my credit card has a limit. On line shopping doesn't count as going shopping, does it!
There is a bead shop (online) called fusion beads and one of the things they have is a weekly challenge, from cleaning your work area (oops- I missed that one) to making your Xmas line in June. I haven't got to Halloween yet people! I think though I might sign up for the challenge.

We had nice warm day today 17C which is a fairly normal winters day, but the wind is icy cold so it feels like less and now the sun is setting the temperature is dropping so it is time for some soup and a beigel!

My condolences go out to everyone who lost a family member or colleague this week with the Malaysian air disaster, the war in Israel and here at home a child killed  in a hijacking.

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