Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Revamp Day Two

Last night was a busy night shift that challenged all my patience and not just with the difficult patient's but with the staff on shift. There are days where I really hate being the shift leader. 
I keep getting told "delegate" it is hard to delegate to people who are inherently lazy! It literally was a case of if you want it done do it yourself. At least tonight it is someone else's turn and I can simply follow orders.
Thank goodness despite the volume of patients, they were mostly minor illnesses with no sign of the gastro (stomach) bug or the bronchitis cases starting to ease off anytime soon.
I never thought i would say this but, sometimes I am grateful to paranoid parents as difficult as they are, their kids don't usually land up needing admission for dehydration especially in winter. They tend to bring babies in at the smallest hiccup. 
A piece of advice for new moms, a baby cannot be allowed to vomit for more than 3 hours or have more than 5 loose stools in that same time before you take them to see the pediatrician or ER doctor, even if they are still drinking fluids. A new born baby holds approximately 500 ml of blood and a 3 year old about 2 liters as apposed to our 6-8 liters. There isn't a lot to lose, so they lose it fast and humans are primarily made of water.

Today I looked at my selection of nurses watches, which thankfully sold really well when I first put them in the shop, but there are still 4 left and I went back to look at the photo's so here are some before and after shots, of these. Whatever you call them, nurses watch, fob watch, pin watch or brooch watch when people think of them they think nurses as I can't think of anyone else who actually wears them except people who love brooches.

Before 2010
After 2014

I burned my fingers quite a bit making these as I had to solder the pin to the nurses symbol and I struggled to get it to work, there is only so much a how to video can teach you. I am looking at new watches and maybe some different pins for these so stay in touch to find out.
These watches are $14 US with free postage.

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