Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Bumpy Road of Life

Sometimes life just likes to throw you a curve ball, it's up to you what happens next.
Today was a heavy day at work, with one of my colleagues getting a phone call at the beginning of her shift, saying her daughter (24y) was ill, later that morning we heard that the daughter had died.  Losing a loved one is hard, losing a child is unimaginable to those of us who have all our children living.
Knowing that our friend will not be back at work for a while as Traditional customs in South Africa dictate that you should be buried in the place (region) you are born, and for most people that is not where they live. We spent the day trying to find a staff member to replace her for Sunday and Monday's shift in between seeing to patients.
It was an exhausting day.

I thought about colors today. When we make something does our mood affect the color we choose to use or does the color we choose affect our mood?

I looked into the color red, mostly because it is one of my favorite colors, the others being yellow, orange and turquoise, wearing red always makes me feel good and confident.


Is the color of passion, energy and action.  Red is a warm color associated with physical needs and our will to survive. It gives of a masculine energy. It energizes us and stimulates our emotions, it motivates us to take action.
It can give a shy person confidence, it is a color of leadership, ambition and determination a pioneering spirit.
It can also be an expression of anger and hatred.
It is often used in restaurants as it increases your appetite.
However, being around too much red can make a person agitated and irritable.
Red is used often in wedding colors of the Chinese as it symbolizes luck and in the Indian culture wedding silks are often red as this symbolizes purity.

People who like the color red are supposed to be:
Extroverted, optimistic, courageous and confident.
They are action orientated and physically active 
Reds like to be the center of attention and people may be drawn to your vitality and the feeling of excitement that you may give off.

So the next time you are feeling a little lacking in confidence or lacking energy, try it, wear RED even if it is your underwear!

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