Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hump day, slump day

Sorry for the late posting of my blog, I know you all wait with baited breath for each installment. I went to work as usual on Wednesday morning feeling fluish and figured that as with my colleague the previous week they would put up an IV and I would be right as rain.  Apparently not. I was booked off and sent home. I haven't actually been able to post as I haven't been able to look at anything with light. I didn't realize how bright a computer screen actually is.

This is going to be a very short post as it is hard to sit up for long without my nose and eyes turning into a tap/faucet.

As Wednesdays is for Adiesdesigns I am going to post existing stock, I haven't made anything new this week. I am busy with Halloween stock as it is coming up soon so here are some watches that I have in stock.

This one sold right off my arm at a function, so I am making a new one with a different face.
One of the hardest things about maintaining a shop is trying to cover all the popular holidays that are celebrated around the world. Halloween is becoming more popular here in South Africa, but things like Thanksgiving is a typical North American holiday and finding out what is celebrated when can take an hour search.  Also Holy days for other religions require extensive searches as I do not know if these days have special symbols or practices.  I would hate to make a range for an observance that is a mourning period an not a gift giving period.

I have also been asked that Dudu make a few items with particular emblems such as Native American symbols which is also a little tricky as we do not know enough about the different tribes and if it is anything like here you don't want to give a symbol from one tribe to the other. Another request was for an emblem for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, we tried it looked terrible all the beautiful detail was lost and we disappointed a potential customer. Hopefully the range she is working on for Halloween will be better, although I did have to explain the festival to her and give her some diagrams. As I said it is new to South Africa.
I have tried to proof read this post before publishing, please forgive my meds if I didn't do a good job.

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