Thursday, 17 July 2014

Last shift

Thank goodness my work week has finally come to an end and tonight is my last night shift. Once again a fairly busy shift, but I learned something new and disappointing.
We had a patient in that was not on medical aid, he is dangerously ill and so our casualty Dr began treatment immediately and then tried to arrange a transfer to a government facility for further treatment, such as brain scans and possibly emergency surgery.  When he spoke to the receiving Dr she was quite happy to take the patient but our doctor must contact her superior for permission for the brain scan.
The end of that discussion was that they would not take the patient as a transfer as we had already begun treating him at a private facility!!!! You can fill in the words from our doctor over that response. In the end we disconnected all his drips (after a dose of pain medication and an antibiotic) and sent the patient with his family and a referral letter off to the government facility. We only hope and pray that they saw him quickly.
Apparently it is not protocol to accept a patient from another facility if they have already started on treatment!! The doctor at our facility is a lecturer at the institution where we were trying to send the patient, I really wouldn't like to be the senior doctor there when he goes to lecture on Friday as he has promised to follow this up. As sad as I was to have to meet with this idiocy, our doctor restored some of my faith in the medical profession as he fought hard to get this patient the fastest care possible, because human life is still more important to him than the money he makes.
Okay enough ranting.

Now back to my shop revamp.  One of the things I noticed that is missing in my shop is a range of bracelets and earrings. So I made a few and Angie and Dudu both also contributed.  The other thing that is missing is earrings, so those will also be making an appearance soon.

The first two are my and the next two are from Angie

And these last two are from Dudu. The second of Dudu's bracelet is actually navy blue and gold, but I have not been able to get my camera to capture that, so now I have some playing around to do.
The first bracelet in this selection also comes in purple, yellow and green.

In a Thursday post I am trying to focus on colors and their meaning as well as how they affect our mood and our personality.

Last week I looked at red. Today I am looking at orange.
People who like the color orange are often warm, optimistic, flamboyant and extroverted. They are mostly good-natured and agreeable.
They can be assertive and determined without being aggressive, and they may be more light-hearted and less intense than red people.
They tend to thrive on human social contact and can be the one to facilitate the meeting of other types of people. 
Orange radiates warmth and happiness with out the aggression triggered by reds physical energy and stimulation, it also has the cheerfulness that yellow brings.
In color psychology orange is optimistic, uplifting and rejuvenates the spirit, so we should find ways to use orange in every day life, even if it is just an orange pen.
Apparently it is a great color to use in tough times (especially economic times) to keep us motivated and help us look on the bright side. It can bring spontaneity and a positive outlook on your day.
I do know that even though I am not a great fruit eater the smell of a freshly peeled orange or naartjie (tangerine/ mandarin) makes me feel happy.
Naartjie/ Tangerine
If you would like to find out more about colors here is the link to my source.  Choosing colors when creating a piece can often dictate who will eventually buy it.  You mood on the day may also dictate the colors you choose, a person who is feeling down will very rarely choose a bright color, but sometimes if we override our natural instinct when we are feeling down and purposely choose something like orange to work with or wear we can improve how we feel.
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