Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bon Voyage

One gone and one to go. Today my oldest daughter left for the winter camp that she will be attending this week at the coast Port Edward. My son leaves tomorrow for his week in the Drakensberg mountains where it is snowing.  Looking at their luggage it is hard to believe that they are both only going for a week, my daughter packed a suitcase and a tog bag her pillow and duvet didn't fit in so she had to carry that and my son packed a tog bag with his sleeping bag inside.
I at least know that Zahava packed enough clothes but I am not sure Aharon has any!

Now I just have to find something for the two younger ones to do for the holiday. Hopefully they wont kill each other out of boredom on the days where I am working.

This winter in South Africa has been one of the worst in terms Bronchitis and Pneumonia, even though or maybe because it hasn't been so cold, but day after day we are inundated in the emergency room.  It makes for a very busy shift, there have been days where we have had to close the hospital to ambulance patients and we are not the only hospital to have to do this.

Tonight I didn't make anything interesting for dinner but as it is Sunday I have put a recipe in the recipe page, thanks to the blog Lara's Latest, so cook and enjoy
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