Friday, 1 August 2014

Being Seen

As part of revamping my store as I have been talking about, I took some of the advice and ran a boost on my most popular post, which was this my blog post from the 29 July, I reached over 3000 people and got an extra 10 likes on my page.  What this will mean in terms of turn over is yet to be seen.

I am trying to organize my photographs and take new ones of all the stock, this may take a loooooooong while as it seems I have 30 watches so far.

I also need to rename all the photographs so that the new ones and the old ones are all together. I haven't even begun to look at my necklaces or bracelets. At least with Angie and Dudu's work I was already better at taking photo's so not a lot to do there.

Today I was busy with some beading, and I sold my earrings that I made recently, not for what they will obviously sell for in the future (they were the first ones I made and don't hang exactly right), but the lady loved them. 

On the 1st September 2014 I will be officially launching Adiesdesigns on which is the UK version of Etsy, so I will be truly international. Watch this blog. I am loading my stock into the shop everyday but I have given myself the months of August and September to do this as I want to get the Etsy store sorted first. People will still be able to see and buy what's on Misi but with limited stock until it is all done.

As I wanted Friday's to be a review date, I have reviewed the Youtube video that I used for making these earrings.  

I will be back on Sunday as always.

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