Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Weaving on a Wednesday

After the rather pathetic attempt to learn to make macrame bracelets (Liora's has made quite a few since then) I moved on to this weeks challenge of learning Right Angle Bead weaving. This I mostly managed easily, except for the part where my invisible beading thread kept getting knotted.

 I printed the pattern off Fusion Beads website (it is free), I found that I had swarovsky elements in the same colors as were shown in the patter so I used them and I think it did help.
The only thing the pattern does not tell you is what to do if you run out of thread halfway and how to tie off, I had to go look on YouTube for that, because if I used as much as I needed I would still be tangled in the mess.
For the entire project I used 1,5m (40 feet) of thread, the instruction sheet is only for 240 cm (8 feet) which makes up about 5 rows. Even doubled (which is how you work) it is a lot of thread which is why it kept getting tangled up. I learned the benefit of magnifying goggles as I need to regularly untangle the threads.
 The whole project took me about 4 hours and a lot of patience! (also in total 130 beads), it was worth while and I have listed it on Etsy. 
I have lots of ideas using this pattern but they will have to wait, there is lots more to learn and more beads to use up.

This is a very short blog tonight as the computer is giving me grey hairs, it has taken over 2 hours just to do this short piece.

Oh and I also learned a different weave and made new earrings just for tomorrows color blog.

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