Sunday, 24 August 2014

I found it!....maybe

I finally found a craft market that doesn't expect me to take a stall every single week! The new Huddle Park craft market.
I have been looking for a craft market for my jewelry for a while now, but every one I called said either they had enough jewelry sellers or that I had to take a stall for a month. Finally I heard about a new one, with the added bonus of being close to home, the newly revamped Huddle Park golf and recreation center, so I gave them a call, and spoke to a lady who said send pictures of your stuff, which I did and she called back a while later for me to book.  So Adiesdesigns will be at the Huddle Park craft market from 11am - 4 pm on the 7th September, for all the people in Johannesburg.

Now I need to make some more jewelry to fill the table at the market, as well as complete my inventory ( I got lazy).
With my online store I don't get local business as I think South Africans are still reluctant to shop online and I also think the fact that the prices are in $ scares them away, so here is my opportunity to capture a local market.

This is some a taste of what to expect.

Not much of a blog tonight as the day was absolutely exhausting at work. Keep watching for new items for my craft market day.
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