Sunday, 10 August 2014

Will the Peanut Gallery please speak up!

I want to thank everybody who reads this blog and keeps me going.  Recently people have started commenting and share my blog, thank you, thank you, thank you, your comments and +1's (for those not on Google Plus it means someone liked my blog enough to recommend others read it) give me encouragement to persevere with this blog, which in all honesty is often a lot more work than I ever anticipated.

Today I didn't do much beading, but the little I did has made me ask a question. When using a very looooooooong thread how do you stop it tangling? For this week I learned how to do "right angle weave" (reveal on Wednesday) and in the instructions it asks for 8 foot of thread doubled up to be 4 foot, I spent the morning almost in tears and all children, pets and husband steered clear (in fact my oldest daughter and my husband went off to their respective jobs) I was in such a foul mood! I am using my invisible thread which as you know (Inventorying up) I have recently discovered is VERY expensive and it kept getting knotted up, I think I spent more time untangling (I will not throw it away) than I did learning the weave, which turned out to be quite easy once I untangled the thread, and looks very nice if I do say so myself, but that's for Wednesday's blog.

The other reason I did very little work is that I had to study for an Advanced CPR course I am going on for my job. They give you a pretest before they even start the lectures! It is a two day course so I am not sure how much beading will get done this week. CPR is something I am passionate about and believe that every single person should learn it.

I also usually post in my page "what's to eat" but tonight we all had a treat as my 10 year old decided to make us supper. So scrambled eggs and toast was enjoyed by all.

In other good news I just sold this watch today! I started making the nurses watch because they are so hard to find.

Time for me to go back to studying.
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