Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thank you for coming back for day two. I am off to bed now after a long night shift.
When it quieted down we started talking about "professional image" as we received a complaint about a staff member "looking like she was going to a party" the staff member in the complaint has a tendency to wear dark maroon lipstick and very long false eyelashes. She was also wearing a very large cuff watch. Long nails with nail polish (this is not permitted in nursing).

I am an old school nurse where we were taught, short nails, no polish, nothing on your wrists or fingers(except a flat wedding band) a small necklace was permitted. When I trained we wore dresses only and the Matron's used to check that we were wearing petticoats (slips) under.

The younger nurses seem to feel that the dress code is outdated. I agree dresses are not very practical in a emergency department but for the rest it makes you look professional as well as short nails and no rings and no wrist watch (we wear fob watches), prevents you injuring your patient, nail polish especially when it is peeling harbors germs.
Tell me what you think about it. What if your company of profession required you to wear a uniform?

I have got into the habit of not wearing any jewelry which my mother say would be a good way to promote my shop.
This is how I came to make watches, they are a practical accessory, also I have a small wrist so making my own watch made sense.  Now my customers can ask for a watch in  the size that fits their wrists.

Have a good day every one, I am off to sleep.
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