Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Who You Tuesday

Once again I apologize for any oddities you found in yesterday's blog, like the repeat of pictures all over the place, not sure what that was as it didn't show up on the draft, but thanks for reading.

As I said Tuesdays will be interview days and since I only decided to do this on Sunday the first person I will interview is myself!

I thought I would share some observations of some of the things I have learned about life in general from my nursing experience.

1. The first is that life is far to short for grudges, especially family and friends. Since we don't know how long we will each live, take the time to burry the animosity and reconnect.  You don't have to be best friends but at least being civil and speak to each other.

2. The second thing I learned was from working in a multicultural environment. South Africa is a country of very diverse cultures, where people are trying to blend their traditions and modernity together, which doesn't always work. What we might think is rude another culture might think is polite. An example of this is, we teach students when speaking to an elderly patient don't call the ouma (granny) or oupa (grandpa) they are not your family, however this only applies to white culture! In black culture not addressing and elder by Gogo (granny) or (Umkhulu) is disrespectful.
Click on the interview tag under my pages to read the interview with myself.
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