Friday, 20 June 2014

Friday Madness

SHABBAT SHALOM by Zahava Bogatie

Once again the morning started with good intentions, but I should know better than to make plans for Friday's, they never work.

It is Sabbath tonight (Shabbat) which begins when the sun sets (now in winter just after 5pm) and ends after sunset on Saturday night (6pm). poor folks in England can have their Shabbat start at 4pm in winter and end after 9 pm in summer. There is a lot to do to prepare for Shabbat as all cooking must be completed before Shabbat begins, this includes lunch for Saturday.

We have a fairly large meal on Shabbat, similar to Sunday dinner.  Tonight because of the cold we are having Curried butternut soup to start, chicken in a barbeque/tomato sauce, with Jasmine rice, gem squash (this a summer squash, not sure what it is called elsewhere) and salad. For desert we are having dairy free ice cream.
Tomorrow we will be having cholent, this is just a Jewish name for a stew that has been simmering for at least 10 hours. The meat/chicken must be 3/4 cooked before you can simmer.  I use a slow cooker and cook it on high for 2 hours and then low till it is time to eat. If you have and auto setting that is the best.  If you don't have a slow cooker, cook as normal on the stove and then place it on a simmer ring

I will put all the recipes up in tomorrows blog. This will be in about 27 hours time!.

This afternoon I was watching a bit of TV in between the cooking with my girls, an old 80's movie of Airwolf, the story line was of a jetliner that was hi-jacked and fell off the radar somewhere over the ocean. As the search got under way it reminded me of recent articles on the search for the missing Malaysian airliner. The movie at least has a happy ending.

My jewelry feature for today is:
This pink and diamante watch with pink and red filigree metal slider band.

Have a good Shabbat!
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