Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A nervous start

This week I decided that after 3 years of sort of almost running my Etsy shop Adiesdesigns, it is time to do something productive and get it up and running.
I am not a great communicator so blogging is very new to me.  I spend most of my working days as an ER nurse being happy, smiling and chatting to about 50 people on a quiet day and about 70-80 on a busy day. When I come off a 12 hour shift I don't want to speak to anyone even online.
I need to change this if I want to make my shop a success and stop working on my feet all the time.

About me: I am a mother of 4. One amazing son (I wish all parents could be blessed with a child like this) he is going to be 18 soon and is thinking of taking a year after Grade 12, Matric (depending on your country). He is a great cook and Sunday night dinner is his domain.
I have an extremely talented artist as my second child she will be 16 next week! I often think about putting her art into a shop on Etsy, but then I remember I will have to ship these huge canvases and I change my mind. Maybe I will put some of it on the blog.
Number three is my future lawyer! She will argue anything! Full of bounce and energy from sun up to bedtime, she is 12 and our miracle child. When I was 17 weeks pregnant with her we were told that she has Hydrocephalus (fluid n the brain). A termination of pregnancy was recommended, I declined. Thank goodness I did as after she was born, her shunt was put into her brain and 12 years later we have been blessed with a highly intelligent normal healthy growing girl.
Number four my comedian, and everybody's favorite. She is 10 and full of laughter and jokes. an avid animal lover (she is not sure if she wants to be a pet shop owner or a veterinarian). she has recently started helping her brother with the Sunday night suppers.
My husband of 21 years is very supportive of my hobby even when I spend huge amounts buying beads and things for my watches.

I started making watches for my eldest daughter to give as gifts to her friends for their Bat Mitzvah (when a Jewish girl turns 12, very similar to confirmations) and the girls all loved it, each watch was made with the specific girl in mind, what was her favorite colors, was she a conservative child or someone who like jewelry, did they like charm bracelets or pearls or crystals.
Two years ago while shopping for beads, I met a lady who had her shop on Etsy and gave me the site, I joined the same day and haven't looked back.
One day I wore a watch that I had made that day to a wedding and a lady at the table with me actually bought it off my arm. It was a great feeling.

The strange thing is that I have very rarely sold anything here in South Africa, except to colleagues.
Most of my sales have been to the United States.

I am still uncertain of my pricing as I am never sure when working out the labor costs how much to charge per hour.

I met my Etsy colleague Angie at Synagogue/Temple (Jewish church) and she was wearing this amazing fabric band on her wrist with huge chunky beads, when I asked where she got it (I am always looking at other peoples jewelry) She told me she made it! and then showed me her handbag/purse. Angie makes her own beads!

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