Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wedenesday creativity

To day has been a very busy day, work wise.  We had quite a few extremely ill patients coming through the ER.
The morning was going very smoothly until some idiot commented on how quiet we were! Thanks for nothing.  We then had in this order:
A patient who had drunk 1 1/2 cups of pool acid,
A patient needing an urgent blood transfusion, 
A patient having a heart attack,
A patient who was unconscious,
A patient with such severe alcohol poisoning that she landed up in ICU and
An old lady who was refusing to eat or drink because she was cross with her daughter.
This is only the emergency side of the department and started at noon and ended when I went off shift. I hope the night shift has a better time than we did.

Yesterday I had some fun I went shopping for stock, I made two mistakes with that:
1. I took my daughter with
2. I took my credit card with

This is the result

Some great stuff there. My daughter has commandeered some of it. She helped my choose the pieces for a necklace based on the movie Hunger Games- Catching Fire
First we had to find pendants that would represent the movie and her main character.
The Mocking Jay- the symbol of their freedom
The bow and arrow- the main character is an excellent hunter with this weapon
The clocks the main theme in the hunger games is that every hour a new challenge begins
The Lightening Tree- this was a tree that conducted lightening and was used the end the games and destroy the arena.

The next part in creating a necklace is the length - which was easy, very long necklaces are in.
The where to place the pieces and finally securing the pieces to the chain.

And then my daughter took it!!! But that's okay as I made two more!

I also used up some of my old stock to make this trinket Bangle (Pandora style beads). this will have to be for a person with a large wrist.

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