Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday at Last

Thankfully for me the week is over and Shabbat has arrived, 5 more hours and I can shut off my phones and all my rushing for another 25 hours and with this horiffic week I certainly need it.

I am sitting waiting for my son to finish his last exam for the term (semester). For my overseas readers, South Africa works in terms (semesters) 3 or 4 per year depending on the school.  Our main vacation times are July which is usually 3 weeks and December which is 6 weeks.  Our school year starts in January and there is a short 2 week break in March/April then July next is October for 2 weeks and December/January for 6 weeks.
For the winter vacation my two eldest are going to camp, one to Durban and one to Drakensburg, they will be gone for 10 days.
I am not sure what to do with the younger two yet, but we will think of something.


I am waiting for my son in a little coffee shop in my area called Jozi Blue, drinking tea and eating the most decadent muffin, Toffee Caramel, using their WiFi and enjoying the atmosphere of all the people around me. There is music playing on the speakers, the coffee shop is simply decorated, you help yourself to your muffin or quiche, salad and sandwiches will be delivered to your table, your coffee is hot and fresh and for those who don't drink coffee there is a variety of herbal teas. For people wanting to work there are plenty of plugs around. Everyone is friendly (the Jewish community is small so you are almost guaranteed to meet someone you know there) and you are greeted with smiles by the owners, as if they have known  you for years, even though you don't come in  all that often (although I may need to change that).

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