Friday, 11 July 2014

Freezing Friday

As I sit here in my freezing cold house, my daughter sent a photo of her and her camp counsellor having just gone swimming. I want to cry.  The only good thing is that she is having an absolute blast and it is freezing at night.
My son on the other line says it has been cold but not that bad. It is hard to tell, he barely wears a sweater unless I nag.
My parents are off for their annual vacation to a coastal resort town called Umhlanga (which means place of reeds in Zulu)on the Natal coast. We have been going there since about 1975, pretty much without missing a year. Usually it is easy to spot all the Johannesburger's as they are the ones in shorts and T-shirts or on the beach no matter what, the locals know better and wear sweaters with their shorts.

As it is timeshare we have the same room each time, and this is the view.

I have included a short book review for today's blog in the Movies and Books pages.

One more hour and Sabbath is here, can't wait for the quiet.

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