Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Dare it, Do it

Today has been a great day for the blog as I had over 35 people reading it, this gives me confidence that I am going in the right direction.  I can be difficult sometimes to decide what to put into the blog.

This morning's shift started with a bang and a seriously ill patient was brought in by ambulance, so the first hour of shift was very stressful and rushed until we could get the patient ventilated and into the ICU.  Then the shift just petered out and we only saw about 35 people, this is half of what we see on an average day. I have to say it felt like I was working in a GP practice as it was mostly colds and coughs.
 Also the hospital was put on divert(patients must be taken to another facility) for any serious cases as we are full, not a bed available, and the EMT's working with us said that they had received notice from four other hospitals that they were also full. It looks like Jo'burg is full of sick people!
Then I come home to a sick ward, with two members of the family sick, well actually one is sick and the other has decided to sympathize!

Tonight I am going to go over some of my older pieces and talk about how to decide what to do with your beads.

This watch I chose the face first and then spent ages experimenting with the different beads and patterns to use. I am not a bling type person but this watch face just screamed sparkle! I sold it within 1 day of making it.

I used white pearl beads and black flat crystal beads and for spacers silver colored beads with black detail.  I have never found a watch face like it since, so I am grateful I bought it at the time.

Some things work and some things don't, however, what might not work for you may work for some one else. This blue crystal bracelet, I felt was a disaster yet I sold it faster than the heart charm necklace which I loved. They were the same price.

Think about how many times you have seen an outfit or a piece of jewelry or hair piece and thought YUCK! but some one liked it or it wouldn't have been available for you to see!

Happy crafting!

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