Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Patience can be learned

I discovered that I have more patience that I originally thought, since my laptop died I have used one from Noah's times and it does not always agree with what function I want it to perform, like SAVING my blog. There are days when I have to rewrite everything over as it is disappeared.
I also think I might be getting the hang of blogging, sort of, sometimes.  In the last three weeks I have made changes to the way I have been posting. This is supposed to be a blog about beading and jewelry making and other hand crafts, but I often found myself posting things that had nothing to do with my supposed main goal. Mondays are still mostly about my week and things that have happened or things I have learned. Tuesday I still want to do Interviews with beader's, jewelry makers and crafters. On Wednesdays the plan is to post for my shop Adiesdesigns on Etsy and show off new things that I have made. That will definitely stay. Then on Thursday's I wanted to give fashion advice, which is ridiculous as I spend most of my life in uniform! So that changed to discussing color and how it can affect your mood and that of your buyer or potential customer, which I think is more useful and more in line with my goal. Friday's I was posting about books or movies that I have seen (also ridiculous, we don't have time for movies, the driving age in South Africa is 18 so we spend most weekend evenings running the two oldest to and from different venues and activities), so for the book review I will still post some of those but in the main blog I will look at beading suppliers, possible craft markets if I hear about them and let readers know about interesting blogs and how to Youtube video's and beading magazines. Saturday is the day I don't post, my day off so to speak. Sunday I think I will keep the same and put up recipes that I either made or found interesting.

I joined a facebook group, I mentioned it in yesterday's blog that is all about beading, now their beading and my beading are in two different planets, universes, dimensions. Mine is putting beads on wire or string.

And theirs is art. The piece below was made by Lenise N Robert Sanchez it apparently takes 2 days to make, I am assuming that is all she does on the day, and she takes orders (this one is sold), you can find her on facebook. This piece reminds me of summer sunset with it's pink and gold.

So I don't post my jewelry on their site, but I definitely window shop. It is a very good thing that the exchange rate in not in my favor, because even though I don't wear jewelry I probably would have bought myself into bankruptcy with the art work displayed in Beadwork Addicts, which probably should change it's name to Beadwork Artists.
As I said yesterday it was time for me to learn a new beading technique, so I chose even count peyote, supposedly an easy stitch for beginners, that went beautifully for the first 5 rows and then I am not sure, but it doesn't look anything like it should! And no I am not posting my humiliation for the 30 of you that read this blog to see!
Now I am off to see about securing an order for 8 retinue necklaces.
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