Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Roar Like a Mouse

Actually it is still more like a squeak but at last my voice can be heard, as long as you are in the same room as me that is.

I learned two very interesting things today. Number one- Size DOES matter.................... when it comes to beading needles and beading thread, and number two - Being a hoarder isn't always a bad thing! I found a packet with 2 beading needles and some invisible sewing thread, since I didn't buy either of these things the conclusions must be, I inherited them from either one of my grandmothers, both of which where dress makers, neither of whom I can ever remember beading anything and unfortunately both have been dead for over 20 years.
This means that both my needles and thread are at least 30 years old!! Since neither was doing much needle work by the late 80's they have got to have been sitting around waiting for me to do some beading.  All the other stuff for sewing that I inherited has pretty much been used up as I used to make most of my own clothes before I had kids. (I still have a cupboard full of fabric and a collection of 120 patterns from new born to xxxl sizes.)

Here's what happens with the wrong size thread and needle. The disaster below took me 4 hours and then the one bugle bead in the middle broke! This stunning piece is in the dustbin, I didn't even bother trying to undo it all.
Then I found the right stuff (bead needle and thread) both the earrings only took about 3 hours! The one on the left was the last. When I look at the set sitting on the table it doesn't seem like I did much today!

There is just one or two small problems with the bead needle and the invisible thread. The eye of the bead needle is so tiny it takes me a while to see which is the sharp end and then there is trying to thread this needle when I eventually find the eye with INVISIBLE thread!!!!!!!!!

I have also just completed a custom order for an antique styled watch.
I am still researching craft markets, the best ones all seem to want you to sign for a commitment of every Sunday, I am looking at once a month at the most. Next move- post to Facebook, someone, somewhere among the 400+ friends must know something.

The week is half over, and the weekend approaches.....

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