Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hump Day review

Today is day 3 of reviewing and revamping Adiesdesigns Etsy store.
This bag has had a lot of people liking it and the black, yellow and brown ones all sold to the same person.  This is made by my friend Angie, she hand pours most of the beads so that no two beads are exactly the same, also she reuses old beads and other things she finds, so the bag is a piece of environmental art, as well as a statement piece for your wardrobe.  The bag is unique in that even though someone else may have bought one in the same colour, because of the recycled beading and the fact that the large beads are made by hand they will never be exactly the same.
Here is the photo from the first time I listed the bag in the store.
And here is my new listing photo
I have to say the bag looks totally different and the colours much richer with the new techniques I am learning.

I worked my second night last night and the shift was much quieter than Monday night.  I wasn't the shift leader so it was also more relaxing. I worked in the Resus room which is where the seriously ill patients are attended to and had 3 admissions to Intensive care - they weren't impressed. In the morning one of the day staff asked how was the night and when I said my side was quiet she looked at me funny and said 3 P1 (seriously ill) patients isn't quiet. Who knew? Each patient only takes about 2 hours of your time, you want them in a ward and on treatment as fast as possible, casualty is only to stabilise, the first 1 arrive at 6 before my shift and was in ICU before 8, the second one arrived at 7pm and was in ICU by 10pm and the last arrived at 5am and was in ICU by 6:30 am, there is a lot of time between 10 pm and 5 am and by 10pm the not too serious side of the unit was quiet as well until 4 am.
Tonight I am shift leader again but this time with a different staff set so hopefully it will be better although the doctor working tonight has a reputation for attracting patients so we probably will be busy.
I have temporarily moved to my parents while they are away as some of the members of my household seem to have not quite got the concept of please don't shout mommy is sleeping! I will stop by on my way to work for the next 3 nights just so they don't forget my face.
I am taking some beading work with in the hopes that there will be time to make some new pieces.

Have a good day and remember the weekend is almost here.

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