Monday, 14 July 2014

Hectic Sunday

Today was a busy day.
This morning I made some jewelry, Pandora type bracelets.

 At noon we went out to lunch with half the family (the other half were still away)that gave us 10 people for lunch,we to a little known place called "the Nosh Bar", it is run by the Jewish Old Age Home, my mother-in-law treated all of us. The food is pretty good and cheap, always important when there are so many to feed. The day was warm and we sat in the sun (I am now slightly sunburned).
After lunch (2pm) my husband, two kids and I went to the mall. Me to the second hand book shop and them to the cellphone shop to sort out a problem and then we met up at the grocery store at the mall to get urgent supplies as  Aharon and Zahava were coming home from winter camp.
We went home for an hour where started on the supper for the kids as we were going out.
At 5 pm I went to fetch Zahava from her drop off  and then on to fetch Aharon at his drop off zone. Home by 5: 45. I made then pose for the photo. Zahava hates having photo's taken, hence the weird expression.

I finished making supper for the kids, (sloppy Joe's, recipe in the What's to eat page)this always goes down well.

At 6:15 we crossed the road to a friends 50th it was a good evening catching up with acquaintances, friends and neighbors, good food and wine. Then back across the road at 10pm to try and load the new products onto Etsy.
I sat down to work on this blog, I reluctantly watched the Soccer final (my husband was watching and the TV is in the room.

Once again thinking of my friends in Israel and hoping they stay safe.
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