Thursday, 10 July 2014

Challah baking

Israel has been in the news for the last few days and whatever side you are on or whatever your views are, it is the civilians who I think about, the little kids who must live with the air raid sirens and the visits to the bomb shelters, and the elderly who can't get to the bomb shelters in the 15 seconds it is estimated from siren to impact.

To give my girls something to do other than TV or the computer, (it is freezing outside and Liora is already coughing) I decided to bake Challah with them.

Challah is the braided bread we eat on the Sabbath. There is a lot of symbolism to the Challah. The various shapes that the Challah is made into have different meanings.
The traditional challah is braided with 3,4 or 6 strands and represent love ( the strands are like interlinked arms). In a 3 strand challah each strand represents truth, peace and justice.
With this thought Liora, Ayala and I made three strand Challah's in honor of the people living in terror and we hope that their armies will know the truth, the coutries will have peace and justice will be served to those who need it.

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