Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday Refurbished

I was looking through my Etsy shop and realised that beside certain items having not sold since they were posted 2 years ago, the photographs of a lot of these items just don't do them justice. So I have been taking new photo's of old jewellery, hopefully this will make them more appealing to buyers and browsers.

 I think these are much clearer  and more professional, the necklace is raw giant pearl with dyed mother of pearl pieces.

I then also went to Angie (she hand pours her own beads) just to see what new stuff has been made, I spent 2 hours photographing as much as I could, I have just spent another 2 hours editing the photo's.

I also looked for jewellery for Halloween, hopefully the selection meets with buyers approval. 
When trying to price items I still have trouble as everything needs to be converted into US $, plus the postage.
I will be slowly (as I begin night duty tonight) be replacing old pictures in the Etsy shop with new and also hopefully loading new items daily.
Life has returned to normal with having four kids at four different activities, it was very quiet and mostly organised with just two, but I wasn't sure what to do with so much time on my hands.
I received an order for one of my shop members Dudu to make a seed bead tie with a Native American theme, so it is time to do some internet trawling, to find something suitable for both Dudu to work with and so as not to offend any particular tribe.
The next few weeks of writing this blog will be interesting as my laptop is history, at night I will be using an old PC that doesn't always like blogging and sometimes doesn't save what I have written, it definitely doesn't like uploading photo's, so I have to start all over again other days I will be visiting my parents a lot more than usual to use the computer there. The problem with using so many different computers is they have different Internet programs/search engines like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and they have different Fonts, also their spell check is different versions of English so some days my spelling is American Color and some days it is British Colour. I apologise for this as I do not always see the errors to correct them.
Once again to my family and friends in Israel, have a peaceful day


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