Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ego Boosting

Monday morning I made a trip to my old workplace to teach an AHA BLS for Helathcare providers (CPR) class to a group of professional nurses. I have forgotten what it is like to have to drive so far to work, the Americans will laugh as it is a 30 minute commute, but I now work in walking distance (if I want to) so 30 minutes is long.
If circumstances and work load there changed I would consider going back, but that is not going to happen, and I am enjoying my job in the Emergency Department where I am now.  I do miss the teaching a bit, setting a standard that hopefully will shape their careers as nurses.
While I was there I met a few of my old students who are now in their second course of nursing, I taught Auxiliary Nursing (nursing assistant) as Clinical Facilitator, they are now doing their Enrolled second year (American equivalent is LPN), It was a huge boost to my ego as different groups of these students were all saying how they missed us and wished that we would come back and teach them again. This included my partner at work who was the Theoretical Facilitator, she teaches at another nursing college now.  We were both considered extremely strict and the toughest tutors.

This is something I worked on on night duty, it is not finished off yet as it still needs to have the knot covered.I took the picture at work so it is hard to get detail, when I list it I will have to retake the photo on the correct background. I called it Mardi Gras as the bright colors just made me feel good, it is made with plastic beads. I got the idea for the earrings from a fashion magazine, they were listed at double what I will sell them at (and I am making a profit). I have made these bracelets in the past for my girls so I already had the beads on hand..

I have also decided it is time to learn a new type of beading as I have been seeing the most beautiful creations on a facebook group called beadwork addicts. Some of these creations are unbelievable and I have seen full length beaded moccasins, beaded stethoscopes, pens and gorgeous ceremonial crowns.
I am hoping for permission from some of these artists to show their incredible creations.
I also found a great beading website with beads, tutorials and all sorts of thing called fusion beads. www.FusionBeads,com. I am spending a lot of time on their site these days.

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