Monday, 28 July 2014

A Silent Monday

I woke up this morning feeling well enough to head off to work for the first time since Wednesday. My boss wasn't all that impressed with my dedication! I have no voice and when it is there it is squeaky at best.
Since the first task of the morning after handing off from night shift was to explain to an elderly patient that while we are an emergency department he can come in and see a doctor for his blood pressure medication and all other ailments, but that he would not be able to specifically request a doctor by name as we are not a GP practice. This wouldn't have been too much of a problem but he was slightly hard of hearing and I am slightly short of volume.
So I got to see a doctor and then was promptly sent home.
The biggest problem with having no voice is living in a house with kids who are still on school holidays. You just can't yell "BE QUIET" with the oooomph it requires. The best part though is how everyone talks to you in a whisper.
Being home did however, give me time to make a watch for my shop.  I decided on a charm watch and went searching through my stock to come up with a theme and colors and the watch face, the first watch face was a bit of a problem, it seems the manufacturer forgot the holes for the watch strap.
Since I seem to have a lot of fish type charms I chose a seaside theme for the watch.  I often struggle to decide how to list my jewelry and how to describe it but this one seemed to be easy enough, there were two choices Sea Breeze or Beach Comber. Beach Comber won.

I also started on another watch, I thought something a little more refined, that one isn't working out so well, I don't have enough pearls and it started looking odd and very pink, not refined at all.

So back to the boards with that one.
With all the beads I have it is frustrating that I have to be short of the type I want to use in this project. We will see what tomorrow brings.

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