Friday, 7 August 2015

Sunday Start

I am a light sleeper and we are dog sitting my brother's 2 German Shepard's Max and Eva, they are not used to being near a road as my brother's backyard is large enough for them to stay there. My house is built in the middle of the property and I am on a corner, there are roads on 2 sides, which is keeping Eva very busy she is barking at every passerby and every car, Max on the other hand is very boisterous and likes to bounce around. This is going to be a long week, my dog a big beautiful Golden Lab is quiet and placid and doesn't bark at anything!
If somebody could tell me why the pictures of Max and Eva are sideways and how to get them right side up I would be grateful!!!!!!!!

As you know I am new to blogging so over the next few weeks I will be learning and hopefully improving my blog so that it is enjoyable and informative for all of us.
Eva woke me up at least twice during the night (thought those days were over once the kids started sleeping through).
Then I got up this morning at 5:45 for work, I am supposed to be helping out in the children's ward.  I got to work only to discover that my shifts have all been cancelled. (I wish someone had told me! I am not a morning person at the best of times and it is winter here is South Africa).  So here I am back in my warm bed with my cup of tea and my blog! No kids around, they are all out at different activities and the hubby is out too. Now if only the damn dog would be quiet!

Gone but not forgotten

It's been a while since my last post.  I don't know where the time goes!

I am working, at my day job, working at my home job, I started teaching a beading class, 3 students so far. I started a new blog, about getting our lives in order . I am doing a course on blogging better. My other blog is

I blogged awhile ago about clearing my beading work space, I didn't get very far. I need to get my home space sorted, I need to bring down my spending and I need to feed my family.

I won't forget to blog here, but I don't think I will be posting more than once a month.

I am enjoying teaching the beading class, I don't have a fixed curriculum. The ladies come with ideas in mind and we work out what they will need for their project, at the next class we make what they want, learning new techniques as we go along.