Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I'm baaaaack

I have had severe withdrawal as over the last 2 weeks I have had no computer and as great as my phone is it doesn't let me write my blog on it. So I have only been able to post random pictures on Google. It was quite frustrating as I have gotten used to posting every other day, it knocked my rhythm a little, but now I finally have full access to a computer so I am back to blogging.

I have started a men's range of jewelry,  here are some of the bracelets. They are made from faux suede and braided leather. 

This is my men's range.

My daughter has sold 4 macrame bracelets with a further order for another 7.

On Sunday I decided to try a craft market, apparently I chose the worst day as there was almost no trade for anyone. The lady selling ice cream had a very good day (it was HOT) and then there was a lady who sold amazing dresses and handbags who made money, because she had told a few of her customers that she would be at the market - her shop is called Litchi.  
I sold one thing! 

I will have to try again at another market either next month or the month after, it may require a drive to find a good one but I really want to get local clientele and I have noticed that South Africans are more a hands on kind of people and don't do much online shopping.

It's good to be back!  I can't wait for coloring Thursday.

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