Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Shades of Grey

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This is definitely not a happy color for me and one I almost skipped over, but there are some positives to this color.
This is an unemotional color, detached, neutral and impartial.
It is the color of compromise, not being either black or white.  The darker the grey the more intriguing it is, the lighter it is the more alive it is.
Grey represents stability, it creates a sense of calm in a world full of chaos.
Grey can either be seen as boring and depressing or elegant and smart.
Grey is mature, responsible and dependable, it is the practical color of someone who plays it safe.
It can either suppress energy or it can form the basis of new ideas.  It is controlled and tones down brighter colors.  It is usually a mix of more than just black and white, often incorporating other colors which can lift it from the dull and dreary.
Too much grey can make you sad and depressed.
People associate grey with the corporate drone, reliable and possibly boring. Very formal and conservative.
On the positive side grey represents: reliability,  dignity, neutrality, impartiality. It gives the feeling of someone who is conservative, mature, intelligent.
On the negative it represents: indecision, unemotional, indifference, sadness and loneliness, depression, isolation and lifelessness.
Grey is control, compromise and neutrality.

If grey is your color then you may be going through life indifferently, unemotionally.
You may be trying to insulate yourself from the chaos of the world around you. You may feel that you don't fit into this world.
Grey people tend to want to remain safe, and secure they avoid excitement and compromise easily to avoid confrontation. They will often be fence sitters in an opinionated world.
Grey people are often calm and practical not seeking attention.  You may be attracted to this color as it helps to control and contain your energy.
In general you are a hard worker flying under the radar - getting your job done, but loyal and committed.
Some grey's add a splash of color to show that they are not boring.
A grey person may often be pessimistic towards life, looking at the negative and not the positive.
Because of grey's non-emotional view of life they often make fair decisions and could be good critics.
Grey people tend to be independent due to their attitude of not getting involve in the chaos that is our lives today.  They show strong leanings towards self-sufficiency, but it might also cause them to be closed to new ideas.

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To all my Jewish readers, Chag Sameach, Happy New Year, may it be a sweet year for us all.

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