Friday, 1 August 2014

Color Me....

It's been a week and still my voice is not back, it is getting very frustrating to have to repeat myself more than usual.
The only good thing about being stuck at home with no voice is it is giving me time to work on the revamp of Adiesdesigns.
I spent the morning on the internet with Etsy reading about a hundred blogs on, pricing, photography, finding you target market, social media and advertising, describing each piece, and telling people about you and your shop.

I have started by re-writing the 'About' page, this is where I tell you my potential client all about how the shop got started. My original statement was a 5 lines long, now it is about 50 lines long, it includes not only how I started but also how I added Angie (of the handmade beads) and Dudu (of the African Beading) and Sandra the latest add (she creates custom quilts that are embroidered and embellished).
Then I moved on and updated all my policies, which include things like shipping times and costs, refund and return policies and also taxes. Thank goodness that when I originally started my shop I did a decent job of that, so there wasn't a lot do.
I also re-looked at my prices for the most part there have been no changes.
Next step in the process is to re-write the product descriptions, which will definitely take a long while as I have finally reached 100 items for sale in the shop.
After that it is to continue to redo all the photographs of these items, which I can only do during the day, for the best light exposure. I have done a few and luckily most of the new stuff, the photographs are excellent even if I say so myself.
I have also joined one of the Etsy Teams, these are teams where you can get advice or speak to like minded people and share on Etsy. The team I joined critique your shop, which I definitely need. The only way to get better and bigger is to have constructive criticism.
I have a ton of work ahead of me.

Today is Thursday and that means talking about a color.  Today's color is green and once again I turned to the website:
Green is apparently the color of balance and growth. It is a great balance between the heart and the head. It represents spring and renewal.
Green is a positive color, it is a mixture of yellow (mental clarity and optimism) and blue (calm and insightful).
If your favorite color is green, chances are you are a practical, down to earth, nature loving person. In general people who like green are stable individuals. If green is your dominant color you may be a kind, generous, compassionate person and good to have with in a crisis.
You are a quick study and a great joiner of social groups, wearing your heart on your sleeve. You are generally well liked and well mannered and adept in social gatherings.
Bib by Angie
Doing the right thing is important to you. You are loyal and faithful, great passion is not high on your list of priorities as you prefer peace.
Green people are strong willed, don't like losing arguments and can be gossipy.
You are people orientated and business orientated, you like money but are generous at the same time.
Green people may have a tendency to be envious and jealous of others.
Lighter green colors are associated with nature, health and healing.  Darker greens relate to money, wealth and prestige.
It is seen as the color of money in the Western world

Here are some green things from my shop.
For some reason I can't get this the right way up.

 Lots more green in my shop and other colors, so stop buy and browse for a while. Be sure to also look in the special offers page, just for my blog readers.

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