Thursday, 7 August 2014

Macrame is for kids

As usual Wednesday is the day I put aside to learn a new technique for making jewelry for my shop. Last week I finally learned Peyote stitch, this week I settled on Macrame, the main reason for this is in the bead shop Fusion Beads, have a section called a weekly challenge and each week they have set up something for you to door learn, this week was macrame.
Not mine
So onto the YouTube to find a tutorial. My two younger girls decided they also wanted to make them.  We watched 2 tutorials to see the different teaching methods. The first one was beadaholique, which was very good, with clear spoken instructions, the second was from beadalon which was average, the method was better than the beadaholique one, but maybe it is just my family, there was no speaking in the clip, captions telling you what to do.
I struggled with my macrame, my 12 year old however didn't have the same problem. She did however find the second video method easier to follow and eventually so did I.

 The hardest part was put the cord through the hole on either side of the charm.
This is mine, note the uneven knotting and the twist.
 The other difficulty was remembering if you had done left over right or right over left. Especially since I kept getting interrupted.

Liora's first attempt, no twisting of any sort on hers. Zahava now wears it.

Ayala's bracelet (10yrs), My bracelet (not telling you my age!), Liora's bracelet (12yrs)
Liora has made 4 more since learning how to do this and they will be in the Etsy shop, later today.
She has already asked me to get more colors in both the string and the charm that goes with it and she wanted to know if there were other patterns available.  I think I may have a new member in my shop at this rate. She already has request from Zahava's best friend for one.
I can't wait to see what other patterns we can find for her to learn.

I found this beaded necklace while looking through Etsy to find out if my prices were on par with other similar items.
This goes for $375 in a shop called AxMxZ
This is in my shop for $120

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