Sunday, 3 August 2014

Left or Right

I am very excited to say that more than 40 people now read this blog daily! AND I received a positive comment from someone who wasn't my mom, my aunt or any of my friends. Thank you everyone.

Here's what I have learned this week, there are NO YouTube beading tutorial video's for left handed people. Now you may not think this a big deal, but if you are left handed you tend to do the opposite of everyone else. I am talking from experience for although I use my right hand for writing, everything else I do left handed. My mother was quite shocked a few years ago when she saw me writing with my write hand, apparently I wasn't always right handed! The reason why I say that left handed tutorials may be needed is that I kept turning my work over while following a tutorial a while ago and again now when I learned to make beaded earrings, however when I watched the video as third time I was able to see her keeping the piece the same way all the time and this may be why when I original tried to learn peyote stitch it all came out wrong (different person), so to see if it was just me, I asked my left handed daughter to try and she did exactly what I did, turn the work around!

I want to learn macrame next, and if I remember correctly I did see it done years ago and you pin your work to a board, so no turning possible there.

Last night my husband went on the community walk with my son and youngest daughter and the dog. Poor dog!
First they had to get him in the car, the car is fairly high off the ground and the dog is old. So when they saw he couldn't climb up, they got a chair, I am not sure what they expected the dog to do, as the chaie was almost as high as the back of the car.  Eventually a genius idea sprung up, why not open the back door, put down the seat and help the dog into the car that way. And then they were off. Fun was had by all, no pictures as they all forgot.

Today was paperwork day, this meant spending most of my day trying to do an inventory list and also a costing worksheet, because I found that I struggle when setting a price. Postage is easy, the South African post office charges you per kg (1-100 etc) and I have posted a few things so I know the cost.  The hard part for me is the formula for working out what to sell items at, and then there is the exchange rate.
I follow a formula that has been put forward by a few different sources. Which is cost of (materials+ time+ overhead) x 4 for selling retail and x 2 for wholesale.
Ladies and if there are gentlemen reading this, it means that all my watches except the nurses watches have dropped by at least $5 each, if you are buying through the Etsy store.
This is one that didn't change as the beads are all handmade.

As usual Sunday supper is in the 'what's to eat' page.

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