Monday, 18 August 2014

The morning after the night before

As some of you may have noticed, I didn't post last night, the reason for this is twofold,
1. I am on night duty for this week and somehow the days seem shorter.
2. I am not yet organised enough to write up a post in advance and then schedule it to automatically post when I want it to, maybe one day.

So for this week I am not going to post on Tuesday and Friday.
I have started on a new project and will hopefully be able to post on Wednesday, I will hopefully have time to work on it at work.

I often get ideas from the beads that I see in the bead shop, and I look through magazines and fashion blogs to get more ideas.  So I now have a computer and phone full of photo's of jewelry I want to make and probably won't (at least not in the near future). Most of my beading books I have chosen an item to make and then changed it to what I want.
 Please excuse the quality and positioning of the photo's, this is way in the beginning and I was still new to jewelry and photography and my edit program.
The first photo is one of the very first pieces I ever made, (my mom owns it now), all the rest are variations of this piece.

 Sorry about the crick in your neck from turning sideways to look at these, I hadn't yet learned how to take good photo's of my work.
I also found a photo of a version of a necklace that I spoke about in last weeks review of inspirational beading. Here it is.
This is my version

This is the inspiration

Look out for Wednesday's post.

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