Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Interviewing on Tuesday

The person I "interviewed" for today made this men's necklace, the wolf in the centre is fully hand beaded.  She is the admin person on my favourite Facebook beading group Beadwork Addicts. I have seen some of the most incredible beading on this group. From full Native American regalia, including crowns, dresses, tomahawks and moccasins, to stunningly beautiful beaded earrings, lanyards, lighters and pens. The page only features beading and no other craft. It has been running for a year now and has over 16 000 members from all over the world. Read her interview in the interview page and get to know Judy.

Sorting is coming along nicely with plenty of earrings found in a bag and these cluster rings.  The earrings won't be put in my shop as the postage is more than there value, but I will find away to get them out there.

Another handy thing I got from Etsy to help revamp is a shop critique tool which I will print out and give to a couple of people to get feedback.

Today we had an earthquake (South Africa doesn't have earthquakes, we do tremors!), scared the >>>>>> out I everyone. It could be felt in Kwazulu Natal  about 600km (+/- 300 miles) away from my house, couple of bottles fell over. It measured 5.3 on the Richter Scale. My house now has a whole set of new cracks and my workroom has a really large one!
My middle daughters room has come away from the house as it and the workroom are both additions! Oh what fun it will be to work for the insurance companies now!

Workroom wall



Bedroom wall


This is another of Judy Loch's beading work.

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