Monday, 4 August 2014

Inventorying up

My revamp still continues, mostly with organisation. My work room is taking shape, and I am embarrassed to say that I have found even more things. that I forgot about. The good this is that I found all the stuff needed for the macrame that I want to learn this week.
My shelves are starting to take shape and bits and pieces are finding their way into the right places.

Please take not that I haven't posted a single before photo, I would want to scare anyone, but I may need a visit from "Clean House".

This last week has been interesting and given me ideas for the future, like beginners beading video's for left handed people, and lots of other things to add in the coming weeks. I have tomorrow's "interview" coming up, with the lady who began my favorite beading group on Facebook 'beading addicts'.
I was at the mall today and went into to a sewing supply shop to price the invisible thread that I used for peyote stitch that I learned last week and almost had a heart attack, R 53 ($5.3 or £ 2.15 a spool), what's it made from Fairy Dust? I might need to charge more for any beading, if I use this thread.
This is the one that I inherited over 20 years ago.
The thing that is taking me the most is putting my inventory onto the computer, there is just sooo much and I have only finished the watches with a final count of 30. Next move necklaces, not looking forward to that!
Wednesday is the day I plan to learn and post about macrame bracelets that seem to be all the rage. Should be interesting.

Newly loaded in Adiesdesigns on Etsy and Misi is this charm bracelet watch.

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