Sunday, 29 June 2014

Chilling Sunday

Macaroni with Broccoli & Peas

As usual Sunday was a busy day.
Liora and Ayala had a school concert, two shows one at 2pm and one at 6pm.  Liora was expected to be at the concert hall by 11:30. I still had to get to the shops which only open at 9am for the weekly shop, then get home and French Braid the girls hair as requested by the concert director.
I went and did my shopping and got home did both their hair and make up and got them into costume, then had to run back to the shop for something I forgot. Milk!! I also forgot that I had said to my sister-in-law that I would take Liora and my niece to the hall.  They did get there, just a little late.
Back home I made some quick vegetarian sausages for the girls to snack on before the show. I took Ayala to the hall to get ready at one.
Back home I had to make food for after the concert, unpack the shopping that I didn't do when I got home earlier.
The girls arrived home at 3:30 after a successful concert. Give the girls something to eat and somehow get them to rest a bit. At 4:30 I went with the girls to fetch Zahava from her friend to come and see her sisters sing and off to the hall, redo make up and hair do's where necessary.
It was a sweet concert, with debilitatingly shy Liora doing her bit from the back row and Ayala leading her bit from the front.
We were home by 7:30pm time for a quick supper (see recipe page) and bed at last, for the girls that is, not for me.

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