Monday, 16 June 2014


It has been a few days since my last post as I have been working a very busy night shift, lots of bronchitis and pneumonia this winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

I have been working with a new member of the shop Dudu. Dudu is a security officer at the hospital where I work and  makes the most amazing bead woven products. This beaded neck collar took Dudu a total of 24 hours to make and as she works shift this took about 2 weeks worth of work.
Dudu is using her talents to teach unemployed women in her community to weave beads and we hope to add their creations to Adiesdesigns on Etsy. With this in mind I decided that Adiesdesigns would donate 10% or $2 US (which ever is the greater amount) from the profit of every sale of Dudu's creations to buying the components that these ladies will need to learn and create more beautiful traditional jewelry and accessories.

This beautiful piece can be used to decorate the bottom of a skirt or top. Dudu likes to use our South African colors in her work as she is Proudly South African. 
On a personal note my son who is almost 18 has put a positive spin on the use of social media, he is thankfully not a big user, for him the internet is about finding strategy games, but he reconnected with a friend who moved to New Zealand about 6 years ago and they had a long conversation lasting about 1hour, this from my son whose idea of a conversation is "What are you doing?", "Nothing", "How are you?", "Fine" and then followed by "What's to eat?" 
Tomorrow I go to teach an American Heart Association CPR course to nurses.  CPR and the ability to perform good effective CPR is a cause close to my heart, the ability to save a life whether it is a family member, friend, colleague or stranger makes you a hero in my book, it doesn't matter if you never (hopefully) have to use the skill or if the rescue is not successful it is the fact that you cared enough to try.  So please contact your local Heart Association and book yourself a basic course, it is only a few hours out of your life, but it is the rest of your victims life.  In Judaism there is a principle that translates into these words: " a person who saves one life, it is as if he saved the world"
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