Thursday, 16 April 2015

Not a Greenhorn anymore

When we call someone a greenhorn we are saying they are a novice, and while I am no expert after a year blogging I do feel I am no longer a greenhorn, especially with so many amazing people passing on my blog to their friends. Thank you everyone, you help keep me motivated.

As you have probably realized today's blog is on the color green. The word green in modern English originates from the word 'grene', which is an Anglo-Saxon word with Germanic roots from the words grass and grow. 
Green is the color of nature, which is probably why the conservation groups such as Greenpeace use it in their names, also when a company wishes to show that they are an environmentally conscious company or that their products are environmentally friendly they will use the word green in their campaigns and slogans.
Green symbolizes all things growing, harmonious, fresh and it also symbolizes fertility. Dark green is usually linked with money.

Green is said to have healing power and is restful to the human eye. The color also suggests stability and staying power.
In heraldry green is used to indicate growth and hope. There are 87 countries that use the color green in their flags.
Green is the opposite of red, signifying safety, for example in traffic lights green means it is safe to go, where red means stop. Red is used for cautionary signs and green usually indicates the way to safety as in fire exits and assembly points during evacuation.

Dark green - can be ambition, greed, jealousy
Yellow/green- often indicates sickness, cowardice, discord and jealousy
Aqua- a beautiful color for emotional healing and protection
Olive green- often representing Peace

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If there is topic that you would like me to cover, please let me know, I love new ideas.

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