Monday, 13 April 2015

How Time Flies

This weekend went by very quickly indeed and Monday has arrived. I managed to make quite a bit of jewelry this weekend,

Nursing is something close to my heart and I have been a qualified nurse since 1989, part of our uniform is always a pin watch or nurses watch, but I don't see why they have to be boring and standardized.
I experimented with some macrame, to make this nurses watch. I also made these two other watches.

I have plans for some more watches, ones that would suit male nurses as this is a professional that is often forgotten or overlooked.
Then I made some two more bangles on glitzy fabric cord this one in red.

 This one in black.

Then I moved on to make this very chic 26" (68cm) length black and white crystal necklace with a black tassle.

All these are available in my shop Adiesdesigns. I am hopeing to remain productive like this for the rest of the year.
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