Monday, 20 April 2015

Finding old friends

I am in the process of moving my work area as I would like to start working on tutorials and I need to be able to find my equipment. While shifting and sorting my stock around I found some old friends, pieces I had made when I first started, that somehow never made it into my Etsy shop.

When I first started making the watches I bought as many as I could in all different styles especially the pendant types, unfortunately the supplier I use no longer brings in the watches so everything is practically exclusive. A lot of the watches were sold or used as gifts for friends but I found this one that I had made into a necklace, the other moon I used for a nurses watch, which sold almost immediately. That sale gave me a huge boost in confidence.
I also turned some of these watches into rings.

These rings look like ordinary stones, but when you open them they reveal a watch. 
Then I found an experimental necklace in red and silvertone which I won't be doing again as I remember it took too long to string the bugle beads.
I also made another necklace this weekend as I loved the one I did last weekend, this one Asian inspired with grey mottled glass beads.

I think that cleaning out your work space every once in a while especially if you are not a spectacularly organised person (which I definitely am not) is a great way to discover what you have, it almost feels like it is your birthday with all these wonderful surprises.

Have a great week all.

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