Monday, 18 May 2015


It is time to spread my wings a little and attempt something new.  I am going to start giving classes in jewelry making and blogging on simple beginners techniques and tools required. Over the last 5 years of jewelry making I have learned a lot but not nearly enough, I feel that giving classes and having to research techniques and ideas for these classes will improve my jewelry skills.

These are the first things I made when I started making my jewelry. As time has gone on I still prefer making watches as this is the jewelry I like the most, but I have also learned how to photograph my items to display them to their and my advantage.

I have been playing with the idea for awhile now and last week someone asked if I could help her with some jewelry. I enjoyed being able to help her create something special for her.  I feel I am ready for basic classes and also to put some of this into a blog.  Eventually I will then move to YouTube in the distant future still.

About a month ago I even wrote the beginning of a tutorial blog on the tools you need to start making jewelry.  I still have to refine it as you will be reading for weeks with just the start.

With my first lesson we made a simple glass pearl bead watch for my pupil, my "student" came to me through Facebook asking for someone who could help her finish off some jewelry she wanted to make, we landed up with a 2 hour lesson.  The watch came out beautifully and I think it gave her pleasure to walk out wearing her creation.  I know it gave me a little ego lift to see her wearing it.

The watch consisted of a small watch face, white glass pearl beads, 0.6 thickness jewelry elastic and silvertone spacers.

We also since the watch was simple and quick made a small necklace to go with it.  The necklace is the same white pearl beads strung on tiger-tail beading wire and a claw clasp.

Have a good week everyone.

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