Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Yin and Yang or just opposites?

Today I decided on something a little different.  Usually I only write about one color in my weekly blog, but black and white are partners, opposites and always make a statement.

Yin and Yang the symbol often interpreted as day (yang) and night (yin). White for during the day when we are more active, representative in the western world as purity, innocence and goodness then we have black for the night mystery, power, formality and evil.

When used in business most commonly with household appliances it is associated with cleanliness, coolness apparently because it's the color of snow, (those that live in areas where there is snow, know exactly how long that whiteness lasts! - Until the first thaw).
White is often used by charitable organizations.  In South Africa nurses are wearing white uniforms again (the modern trend world wide has been to move to colors) as this makes the patients feel safe, it is a clean color.
It is commonly the color of western brides, in the past to represent purity and virginity, now it represents a new page in life, the beginning of your journey.
In Judaism it appropriate to wear white for both weddings (the past is over and it is fresh start) and funerals. It is also worn on the most holy of Jewish days the day of Repentance as a sign of purity and mercy as this is the day we are asking for G-d to spare us for another year.
Flags with white in them obviously the first that comes to mind is the International red cross.  72% of all world flags have white in them.

Moving on to black. Black is the unknown, the mystery, the evil the color of grief. Positively it is known as elegant and formal depicting power. It is also the in appropriate black humor, the embarrassing blacklist and the tantalizing ubiquitous black book.
Black gives you perspective and depth but if it is advertising a black background make reading difficult.
Supposedly black makes you look thinner. It does look great with other bold colors like red, orange, emerald green and occasionally bright yellow (try an avoid looking like a bee!)
Flags that are black bring to mind Priates! Only 30% of countries have black in their flags.

We all know that white and black are the gold standard when looking elegant.  So here are some in black and white from my Etsy, shop Adiesdesigns

3 Strand glass pearl bead necklace

Black and clear crystal fringe necklace

Black bracelet

white glass pearl bead and swarovsky elements cluster ring

black bead watch

white wood bead bracelet

Black and grey glass pearl bead cluster ring

Just for fun which would you wear?

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