Monday, 4 May 2015

Conquering the world!

I am conquering the world one sale at a time! My nurses watches (brooch pins) have sold on all but 2 continents Asia and South America! What a privilege and an amazing feeling of accomplishment!  I get so excited (in case you don't notice all the exclamation marks!) when I sell to a new place, especially the nurses watches as this is obviously close to my heart as a nurse and May is nurses month! So any people ordering on International Nurses day through Adiesdesigns on Etsy should put in this coupon code for free shipping 05121820, this is Florence Nightingales date of birth. The 12 May is International Nurses day! 

I spent most of the weekend photographing some of my finds, ie. the jewelry that somehow never made it onto Etsy. I also made some men's bracelets and two new necklaces.

My kids are getting slightly irritated that I interrupt their TV time on a Sunday afternoon by making them fit the jewelry! They refuse to be models for the photo's.

I am giving my first class next week Wednesday which will give me an idea on how to make tutorial videos, which I would like to start posting by November 2015. I would like to try and also do a tutorial blog post, but as I was typing up the "first installment" I realized it will make a very long read, so it is back to the drawing board.

Here are the new items I made this week and two of the old watches that I have posted to Etsy.

Men's cat's eye bracelet

Men's wood bracelet with a twist

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