Monday, 29 December 2014

Ending off 2014

Hello strangers it's been a while since we visited. 2014 has been a long year with lots of challenges both personal and professional. With the starting of my blog and trying to keep up with making of stock for my shop Adiesdesigns on to the very long and often destructive postal strike (I had to put my shop on vacation for over a month, as I couldn't mail any orders except via exorbitant courier prices), the light earthquake which damaged my house and then the ADSL line going out for a month and my laptop dying.

I have learnt a lot about myself and keeping an online business going, and I want share this with everyone, I would be grateful if you would share your learning with me.
I will be keeping up with my colour blog as this seems to be the most popular posts of all. The colours I have covered in the last few months are listed below along with the title of the blog.
Going back over my past colour blogs I seem not to have covered red or orange, both of which I remember doing, since I have no record of them anywhere on my blog history, I get to do two of my favorite colours again (YAY).
24/7/14 I can almost see the weekend - Yellow
31/7/14 Colour me
7/8/14 No Blues today - Blue
14/8/14 Is it an Indigo sky - Indigo
21/8/14 Purple Haze - Purple/violet
28/8/14 CUA16(PO4)4(OH)842HO what is this? - Turquoise
11/9/14 In colour - Pink
18/9/14 A brown Study - Brown
24/9/14 Shades of Grey - grey
3/10/14 Silver linings - Silver

There are still a few more colours coming, Also I want to explore how to mix colours to appeal to different people, how to speak with colour and what the different colours mean in cultures other than the Western world.
I will of course continue to share with you as I learn new techniques for jewelry making, successes and failures included. I especially would like to learn to make my own beads with clay, even using recycled goods like paper and buttons, wool, felt and old fabric.

There will be special discounts and gift vouchers during the year only for Blog readers (voucher codes will only appear in the blog once) look out for these, shop coupons will be published in the blog as well. Also  hopefully giveaways and competitions for you wonderful people who read my blog.

Just before the postal strike (in August 2014) I ordered a beading loom, which I unfortunately never received (maybe it will still get delivered), so I have decided to try make one. This will be the subject of my first "learning to" Blog for 2015.

Hope you all have a safe and happy ringing in of 2015. Thanks for reading.

Adiesdesigns on Etsy will re open on Jan 6 2015 for shopping.

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