Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Strike out

It has been a while since I posted on my blog, I didn't realise how dependant we have become on technology. For my last blog I used my son's Kindle Fire. The problem with this was that it was very hard to edit on such a small screen, also it took me about an extra hour to type and set.

In the last few weeks we are in the midst of a second postal service strike here in South Africa for 2014, this I think is possibly a continuation of the one in January this year, we had a short respite and up until August were able to mostly rely on postal delivery, but now there is no post coming in or going out.

I have had to resort to using courier services for my orders and in most cases that means that it is more expensive to send out an order than the order itself, which means no sales as who wants to spend more on postage than on your purchase.  Sadly the cheapest courier service charges over $35(R330) for an envelope weighing less than 1kg (2.2lbs)!

Although a recent article (3 days ago) stated that about 40% of postal workers have returned to work it will still be a while before the post starts to appear in our boxes again.

In the mean time my order for a beading loom and some other jewellery making tools has not arrived and I am hoping that it hasn't been destroyed or lost, as the photo shows some of the strikers felt it necessary to destroy property.

I wonder what it has done for other online businesses who rely on the postal service to send or receive stock.
I have had 3 lost sales which doesn't seem like a lot but it does prevent me from starting to earn enough for me to start looking at moving out of the workplace and into making this my full time job.

In the meantime I have beautiful festive season stock that I can't sell! Macramé bracelets that make perfect stocking fillers. I have not loaded this onto Etsy as I can't ship them! Price $5 each.
Take a look.

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