Tuesday, 24 March 2015

It's looming over me

A long time ago, (the beginning of the year) I wrote about the beading loom I ordered right before the postal strike (September 2014) here in South Africa, wondering if I would ever get it.
Well the parcel finally arrived in February 2015 minus the loom, the postal worker who took the loom, however kindly left the instruction booklet behind! They even took the invoice.
The response from the postal worker person behind the counter was, "If it is not insured there is nothing I can do about it".

While waiting for the loom to arrive I in the meantime made myself a small loom, which I promised to write about in my next blog. This is the next blog,

To make the loom I took an old box that had previously held bath salts and lotions and things, to either end I glued 2 cheap hair combs. The first attempt I stuck the combs with the teeth facing up.  This didn't work out too well as the thread kept slipping off.
The second time I turned the combs teeth down, which made a big difference.  I began to bead. I encountered some technical difficulty here as the beads I have are not all the same size and don't all go over the needle. I eventually changed to bigger beads and the loom worked well, then I had to get my work off the loom.  Another technical problem I forgot to watch the you tube video on tying off your work.

The work is better than expected but would definitely be better if I actually had a loom!

Hopefully I will be blogging more often as I have changed jobs and have a more normal life style these days.

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